Free AI tools for adding smiles to photos

Scanning through the top links on page 1 of google for “free AI smile changer” for an online web based tool…

TLDR: they are all rubbish and aren’t worth paying for, use fake images as the example retouches and have varying degrees of usability between them all.

Original base image was auto beauty AI enhanced with fotor . This is probably quite a difficult image to edit because it’s not straight on.


Includes free morphing Gif

HeyPhoto (requires account)

Has an intensity slider.


Couldn’t actually find how to do it after their landing page

AI lab Tools (requires account)

Couldn’t actually seem to use the free credits in the upsell popup


Probably the strangest idea I’ve seen in a while..

Take a smile, why?

“We are really big fan of Ronaldo, the great football player and you can see in this Ronaldo Magazine fun photo effect that he is carrying a poster that can show your own photograph to the people.”


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