Playing with Metas AI “ANIMATED DRAWINGS”

Scrolling Linkedin feed an animated gif caught my attention…

Instantly it felt like an animation tool that could animate drawings, and it was.

“ANIMATED DRAWINGS”, by one of the employees working at Meta something to do with a PhD thesis… anyway.

The project is now open sourced with an MIT licence.

It may have been over a month ago but blogs are picking it up now.

Animating just a face, my “steaming brains” drawing created nightmarish results.

It struggles with images drawn on lined paper

The lines require some manual removal with the UI drawing tool, there are some interesting quirks with this tool, eg no indication of how large a space the draw / rubber tool will impact when used, and some glitches which erase random bits that shouldn’t be edited.

Anyway, End result after paying no attention to doing it properly…

It seems each version is generated as an MP4 and saved to the demo site server. To save, open the image with the fullscreen button, right click and “save video as”.


I can see this technology being used in a native app that could be popular with parents.

  • Gallery of videos generated so far
  • Native camera capture / File explorer
  • Share to social media
  • Remove watermark / download freemium features
  • Background music, extra music for 0.99 freemium features

Stop, stop thinking about it right now J.


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