Remove Weather Icon crowbared into start bar in latest Windows 10 update

Another useless bit of distracting clutter has been forced upon Windows users. I didn’t ask for it, its useless, I don’t want it and of course its not immediately obvious how to get rid of it.

I’m talking about the Weather and News widget added to the start bar.

The characters which are in the wrong language, clearly based on geolocation rather than system language repeat what the icon shows and are even blurred. Inside the popup is some News I don’t want to read, stocks I don’t care about and NBA scores. I don’t even know a single NBA team, I assume that’s basketball?

Right Click start bar > News and Interests > Turn Off.

Why can’t Microsoft fix basic things like making the new Settings App that somewhat replaces Control Panel actually worth using, or fixing Alpha transparency turning black on PNG’s when being copied

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