Weather Station IoT Data 1, an Impulse Buy Project

The aim… embed a ‘live’ feed of the weather from my rooftop into this site.

Having read about AWS IoT Core  I impulse bought a weather station on Amazon for lulz. Additionally, I need to retire my daily driver a very broken S9+ which is still fully functional especially using DeX.

I suspect it will be a challenge to get the data from whatever and however the hardware is outputting it. More research needs to be done on how the data is made available to the Mobile apps via the LAN as mentioned in the product description. Is it possible to access the raw data on the LAN and send that off to AWS with an Android app which polls the same LAN endpoint as the web apps? Could things be made easier using a USBC Android Hub with HDMI and a keyboard and mouse? Can i store the data in AWS and analyse it there? Is it overkill to use any IoT tools for this project? Or can I just make post requests and put this in straight into DynamoDB? What is the cheapest way to do this for such a simple setup?

I have gone to the effort of creating a Post Category for it, so I must now complete the mission, even if it takes two years.
This will likey be a test of patience, tying together a few hardware components that won’t work properly, get unplugged, with a network connection thats unstable, and a demotivating AWS bill.

MVP (if it becomes too much mafan) : Install the station and use the built in weather APIs.

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