Playing with sketchup (5 hours in)

After arguing with radiopetreniuk a “proper architect” bout conceptual designs of our beach hut rennovation project, I deciced to put concept onto digital paper with Sketchup to help share the vision…

This is hour 5 on Sketchup web (which seems a lot less feature rich that desktop)….

The good…

  • Figured out some keyboard shortcuts for moving around in 3d Space
  • Create items with protrude
  • added a few components
  • learnt a few things about how to copy and paste items without them appearing on the horizon somewhere.
  • rotate items on a specific axis
  • move items on a specific axis in 3D space
  • Protrude and cut away solid objects
  • texture items with different materials

The bad and the ugly

Nice positioning n00bation with some hovering beams.

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