My Dev Toolkit and Devices going into 2019

Design and Dev tools

Since starting as Product Strategist at Veridate I have had a chance to refresh my toolkit and find the most suitable products for developing on Windows.

Webflow shut up and take my money!

ATOM Editor – PHPStorm is good but too expensive

FIGMA – Shut up and take my money. Sketch is too Mac only.

Wrike – expensive but good.

Opera – back to using this as my primary browser.


AWS – wow. just wow.

Debian – still at the bottom of a big mountain when it comes to server administration.

Synaptic Package manager for Ubuntu

Up next… Neo4J and graph databases, Hyperledger & NodeJS,,¬†Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)

Other wares

Rekordbox – for prepping sets this is exactly what I used to do with VLC,¬† youtube tabs and a lot of clicking and dragging the playhead. I can’t believe that I did that.

I want an XDJ.

1Password. Shut up and take my money!


Windows 10 on a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbo. Windows 10 is actually tolerable. I never thought I would say that post Windows 7. Apart from a few keyboard shortcut mixups when I switch between my MBP and PC, it’s actually a breath of fresh air to be back on windows, with cut and paste! After 5 years of battling with finders irritating limitations.

Android. I’m a convert. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is divine. I’ve dropped it a few times now and it’s fine. I used to smash my iphone 4,5,6 almost every single month without fail. The freedom to do what you want with bluetooth and files on Android is refreshing.

Websites I’ll use more now

Free sketch Resources

Noun project


Land Book

Moving away from

Drupal 8
Office365 Sharepoint

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