Heres why you Can’t add Atlassian Marketplace Apps to Confluence Cloud


The new billing system Atlassian released for Atlassian Cloud doesn’t support the Marketplace and wont be available for several weeks from the start of December 2022.


When trying to add a free marketplace extension to Confluence the following error is displayed after attempting to add the extension:

We ran into a little trouble
it might just be a hiccup. Unable to add apps to this site. Try contacting support to know more about this problem.
Contact Support

I tried the following, which didn’t work

  • digging deep into site and Account permissions to enable everything possible
  • Adding a payment method
  • Different routes to get to the add extension UI (they all go back to the same page)
  • Logging out and back in to clear any permissions cache

Atlassians Reply

This was on a Friday night, I received this the following Monday.

I understand you are attempting to add a marketplace application to your cloud site

The reason you are unable to perform this action is that upon signing up for your cloud site, it was automatically assigned to our new billing platform.
We do apologize for the inconvenience. For the moment, the new billing platform doesn’t offer the option to add Atlassian Marketplace apps.

Rest assured, these will be available in just a few weeks from today.

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