Workspace: Get emails delivered to any prefix on your custom domain

This is how to receive emails sent to any email prefix at your custom domain using Google Workspace with one user.

Eg. “I want to receive anything sent to this domain, like a wildcard prefix *

So, or misspellings of your actual prefix will be sent to your main inbox, and  with some filtering applied.

To set up the catch all, follow the instructions on google workspace admin help here

Additionally I checked the

Used my main account as the recipient

I left the bottom two unchecked

Create a filter in your Gmail inbox

You might want to add some inbox filtering to address things like bots which email webmaster@ admin@ at random

Instructions on GMail inbox filters here

Filter by “includes the words”

Skip the inbox and apply a label


Why do this?

This is particularly useful for signing up for free trials when the subaddressing hack is filtered, eg, throws an error like “An account associated with the same inbox already exists.

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